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Gold Companies Reviews

When you want to sell your gold online you have a lot of places where you can sell. But because there are just so many cash for gold companies and refiners sometimes it’s so hard to decide where to sell your gold. You have many choices because there are thousands of online gold companies and more of them pop up every day. All because the gold business it’s extremely profitable especially in times of economic downturn and financial instability.

Now selling gold online can have many benefits but disadvantages too. It is easy to surf the web and make transactions with an online gold company from the comfort of your home. And after you mail the gold to then you only have to sit back and wait for the paycheck. But the online gold business has become the favorite playground of the scam artists too. Sadly this trendy online gold selling business attracted many online gold scams who are watching at every step to rip off people who have no experience with gold selling.

It is hard to figure out which of those many online gold companies are legitimate and which are trying to scam you.  The best protection against scams is the cash for gold company reviews.

The most trustworthy, popular and recommended cash for gold companies are:

  1. Midwest Refineries
  2. Empire Gold Buyers
  3. Sell your Gold
  4. Cash 4 Gold
  5. Gold Fellow

Midwest Refiners

It’s a very old and respected company. They have been online since 1998 and are the oldest gold refiners still in business. They are top payers but they don’t cover the shipping and don’t offer insurance. This can be a serious problem but there are not many complain regarding this. The turnaround can take a while sometimes then some other refiners, but they always pay.

Empire Gold Buyers

They have one of the best reputations in the gold buying business and they have been in this field for 15 years.
They have live chat service which is very helpful. Also they pay 90% for the smaller amount of gold transactions but they can pay to 98% for transactions above 25 ounces.
The best thing about them is the shipping and insurance cover, which can go up to $25,000.

Sell Your Gold

They are in the gold business since 2008 but they have a good ranking. They have a very competitive payout which can go higher in case of high volume orders. They offer phone and live chat services and they offer the best shipping and insurance available.

Cash 4 Gold

They are very popular because of the heavy advertising. This company has been around since 2001. Even though some costumers made some negative remarks about this company, it is still high ranked.
They offer small shipping insurance but if you insist they will probably raise it. The best thing about Cash 4 Gold is the turnaround time, they are pretty fast.

Gold Fellow

Gold Fellow is a newer company which was formed in 2007 and been accredited in 2008. Like the other mentioned online gold companies so far, they too have a good ranking.
They don’t hide they prices on the site but they pay a bit less then the other companies, up to 77% depending of the amount of gold they buy.