Online Metal Trading Guide A guide about trading precious metals online plus tips & tricks

Gold Trading

This section is dedicated to the questions one might have about online gold trading. The section has 9 sections as presented below. All the necessary info for you to get started in the selling and buying precious metals online is in the linked articles below.

1. Where to sell precious metals online?

When you want to sell your precious metals, you are looking to find a buyer who will give you a nice amount of money. Easy to say but hard to do, because it’s not easy to find a web site where you can sell your metals and get the wanted amount of money fast and risk free, specially if you never done it before?

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2. When to sell precious metals online?

The precious metals are a commodity and the spot price doesn’t change dramatically. But when someone wants to sell normally he also wants to get the best price possible. If you are looking to trade scrap gold or unwanted gold items for cash fast and easy there is no best time for trading, because the spot price won’t drop or rise considerably from one day to other.

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3. Earn money by trading gold online

Daily you see millions of ads which offer you the chance to earn easy money by trading gold online. And it seems so easy and accessible for everyone but when you click on such web sites like Forex, you realize that may not be as easy not as it seems at first sight.

So "what does online gold trading?" mean you may wonder. Gold trading is when you engage in a trade of gold through one of the trading platforms on the internet. A trading platform is a computer system that was created to make orders for financial products in a network. There are different products that you can trade such as stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities. The electronic trading platforms are designed to allow individuals access to financial markets that normally could only be accessed by specialist trading firms.

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4. Rules for online gold selling

Selling gold and silver online can be a bad experience if you are new in this business. Some say that you can get a better price if you sell your precious metals online, others are convinced that you will get ripped off by online gold scams. The truth is there are both pros and cons.

It's true that the number of online gold scams is very high because of the high price and value of the gold. But there also are many reputable online gold companies.

By fallowing few simple rules you can avoid falling in a scam trap and the online gold selling can bring you nice profits. All this can be done from the comfort of your home.

1. Be patient. No matter how much you want to get rid of an unwanted jewelry and no matter how bad you need money, if you rush to sell it to the first spotted online company you risk to be left with nothing or you will get a price much under its real value

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5. How to sell scrap gold?

The value of gold has been rising in the recent years. This is why many people became interested in selling gold or investing in it. We can find thousands of online companies who are more then willing to buy scrap gold, because this is a very profitable business in times of economic crisis.

More and more people discovered that they can sell scrap gold to the online companies making nice profits. It is a very profitable business for sides, people in need of money and the online companies and investors.

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6. How to sell gold jewelry

The value of gold has been rising in the recent years. This is why many people became interested in selling gold or investing in it. We can find thousands of online companies who are more then willing to buy gold, because this it’s a very profitable business especially in times of economic downturn.

Buying or selling gold jewelry is another good form of investing in gold because of their monetary and esthetic value. Gold jewelries such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and rings have always been desired. Are valuable not only because of the artful design but because of their considerable high price.

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7. How to sell gold bullion online

The gold bullion is one of the oldest forms of currency. The bullion is a refined and stamped weight of precious metal. There are more types of gold bullions. The most common are the gold bars or coins. Many people can hardly make a difference between the collectible gold coins and gold coin bullions which basically are round bits of gold, stamped with their weight ad purity (karats) and they value is based on the gold content and weigh.

While the gold coin bullions are made of pure gold, the gold coins can contain other metals and hardening agents. This is why gold bullions are easier to sell. They don’t need an evolution since them already have a weight and karat stamp so all you only have to know is the current spot gold price which is set for 24 karat pure gold.

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8. How to sell gold coins online

Gold is one of the precious metals that will never loose its value and it’s not hard to figure out why. It is a valuable precious metal because of the high industrial demand and secondly because of economic instability. Because of the financial uncertainty the value of gold kept going up in the last 10 years. People started investing in physical gold or transacting it to make a nice profit. Other people however, due to the rough financial times been forced to sell they gold stocks for cash so they can pay the bills.

Gold dealing is a very profitable business these days. You can buy, sell or make transactions online, from the comfort of our home.

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9. Gold coin value guide

If you inherited a gold coin collection or it happens to own some gold coins but you don’t know their exact value you have come to the right place, because this guide is made to help you to evaluate your gold coins by giving you simple and easy steps to follow.

Gold coins are from all over the world, there are so many types but the most common ones are Canadian maple leafs, South African Krugerrand, Chinese Pandas and the American Eagles. Some of them can be really valuable and others can worth less. There are rare gold coins or common ones. How can you make the difference? There are 4 important traits used by coin dealers and collectors to determinate the value of each coin.

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