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Gold Coin Value Guide

If you inherited a gold coin collection or it happens to own some gold coins but you don’t know their exact value you have come to the right place, because this guide is made to help you to evaluate your gold coins by giving you simple and easy steps to follow.

Gold coins are from all over the world, there are so many types but the most common ones are Canadian maple leafs, South African Krugerrand, Chinese Pandas and the American Eagles. Some of them can be really valuable and others can worth less. There are rare gold coins or common ones. How can you make the difference? There are 4 important traits used by coin dealers and collectors to determinate the value of each coin.

The easiest way is to take them to a coin dealer and the problem is solved. But to find a reputable and trustworthy gold dealer it’s not that easy. In case you don’t know one already in the near by you will have to do an online search in order to find one.

If you decide to sell your gold coins you will have to take them to a coin dealer and get them appraised, but if you are simply interested to know their value, by dong an online research you can evaluate the coins and learn many things that can be helpful in case you want to invest in coins in the futre. Either way it is very important to find out what kind of coins do you own because who knows, you might hold a little fortune in your hands.

So as I was saying there are 4 important traits that are used to separate the common gold coins from the rare ones: date, mintmark, condition and variety.
Before you do anything take the coins in your hand and check them out carefully. Make sure to evaluate their condition. The coin dealers and collectors are grading the coins based on some criteria’s.
Grading” is a visual evaluation based on the usage and the amount of wear of a coin.  Coins with little wear are graded higher and so are more valuable than coins that have a lot of wear. But in some cases a low graded coin can be more valuable if it is extremely rare. There are many characteristics that define different coin grades. But basically you have to know 3 of them: good – when the details are visible but the circulation put a mark on them; fine – the details are less worn from circulation and a bit of the mint luster is shown on the surfaces; uncalculated – details are very sharp. With a careful look you can grade your coins by this criteria’s but keep in mind that gold grading is also subjective so don’t be surprised if a professional’s opinion will be a bit different.

Before you try to establish if the coins you own are rare or common, you have to know their type. For this you can surf on the many online gold coin catalogs and look up the coin in catalog. Once you found the type of your coin you will find more descriptions about that specific coin such as the year it was made, the number of them and more other details. Read the descriptions carefully because based on them you can make an idea about the rarity of your coin.

Now if you wish to sell them, before you take the coins to a coin dealer check out the prices on the numerous online gold coin value charts. If you think that your coins are valuable and rare get the coins appraised on more places. If they are common and the collectors are not interested in them, you can sell them only as scrap getting a price based on the gold weight and content.