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How To Sell Gold Coins Online

Gold is one of the precious metals that will never loose its value and it’s not hard to figure out why. It is a valuable precious metal because of the high industrial demand and secondly because of economic instability. Because of the financial uncertainty the value of gold kept going up in the last 10 years. People started investing in physical gold or transacting it to make a nice profit. Other people however, due to the rough financial times been forced to sell they gold stocks for cash so they can pay the bills.

Gold dealing is a very profitable business these days. You can buy, sell or make transactions online, from the comfort of our home.

What is a gold coin?

A gold coin is a coin made entirely or mostly of gold. Usually most of the gold coins contain other metals and hardening agents so are not made pure gold. Ever since the invention of coinage the gold coins have been used as currency because of the gold’s high value. In our times gold coins are designated to be sold to collectors or to be used as gold bullion coins. One of the best ways to invest money in physical gold is to buy gold bullions.

Buying or selling gold coins is a good form of investing is gold because of their historical value. There are gold dealers specialized in gold coins and many online gold coin collector communities and associations can be found now days.

If you inherited a gold coin collection or you own gold coins and suddenly have decided to trade them for cash first thing you need to do is to get them appraised. But before anything here is the minimum you have to know about gold coins.

There are many types of gold coins from all over the world. The most popular types are Canadian maple leafs, South African Krugerrand, Chinese Pandas, and the American Eagles. Their value is measured according to weight and size. If you are not sure about the type of the gold coins, you can find many online gold coin catalogs where you can look them up. It will help you to find out their rarity and the age. The condition of the coins is another value indicator.  You also have to weight them by using a kitchen scale. Once you found the weight in grams you can use an online converter to find the weight in ounce and pennyweights.

The best thing is to take them to a coin dealer for an evaluation, but its good if you do your own evaluation before. Not every coin dealer is reputable even though they are supposed to be professionals, so make sure you gather information’s about the coin dealer to see if he is trustworthy.

If your gold coins don’t have much value it'll be easy to sell them. Most online cash for gold companies will buy it and will pay the scrap gold price. A valuable collection though can bring a nice amount of money if it’s sold at the right place.

Where to sell gold coins

Selling your gold coins to a coin dealer is one of the options. The hardest part is to find a reputable one. This is why you have to get the gold coins appraised by as many gold coin dealers as you can and check out every one of them before you decide to sell to one.

Gold dealers are middleman’s who will buy the coins and resell them, so they never pay 100% of the real value.  If you are not satisfied with the offers you can go to sites like eBay and get your coins auctioned. On the internet it is easy to find and get in contact with private collectors. When you sell online the most important thing is the research, find out who are you dealing with! Read reviews about the potential buyers. Always ask for insurance and guarantee!