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How To Evaluate Silver Coins

Silver coins can be seen everywhere. Are so widespread you can find them at all corners. Just think of the many antique shops, handicraft shops or even souvenir shops. I don’t believe you never seen any in some of the shops. If you try hard you can find them even in the attic somewhere your old folk’s had been storing old objects whit sentimental value. If not, our grandparents maybe are still keeping few of them. I often been wondering how much a silver coin can value? By doing a simple online research I found out there are some really valuable and others that almost have no other value then the silver content.

Anyone who owns silver coins should know the exact value of them. If you are not a coin collector but you do have few old silver coins obviously you are not having a clear idea about they’re value. What if without knowing you are actually holding a small fortune in your hands? Maybe you want to sell the coins and you are wondering if it will bring you a nice profit.

This article is meant to help you evaluate your silver coins. You don’t have to be an expert but if you have decided to sell silver coins you will need an expert’s evaluation. Even so,the  more you know about your silver coins,the  harder will be to get ripped off by a scam artist.

So there are few simple steps to follow! When analyzing a silver coin’s value there are few things taken in consideration. The most important are: the condition of the coin, the rarity the circulation and the type. Silver coins are from all over the world, American, European, and Asian and so on. Here we are mainly interested in American silver coins.

Based on the already mentioned 4 factors you can start analyzing your coins step by step.

Silver Coin Condition

You have to make a close inspection by taking the coin in your hand and doing a close inspection observing both of the coin’s faces. Make sure you observe all the details. As the condition is very important you have to establish how used is the coin. A less used silver coin is more valuable. So during analyzing make sure you won’t bring any damage to the coin.

Silver Coin Type

There are different silver coins which had been released over the years. You need to get familiarized with the different types. Looking up an online silver coin catalog will be very helpful in this case. It is the best way finding out the type of your silver coin. The silver dollar coins are the Flowing Hair Dollar, the Draped Bust Dollar, the Goodrich Dollar, the Seated Liberty Dollar, the Trade Dollar, the Morgan Dollar and the Peace Dollar.


After finding out the type of the silver coin next step is establishing its rarity. The most easy way is doing and online research. You can find many details in the online gold catalog.

Taking silver coins to a coin dealer

The coin dealer is an expert certified in evaluating gold and silver coins. When you want to sell silver coins you must taking them to a coin dealer for evaluation. He will be evaluating the coins based of few criteria’s.

Evaluating coins it’s not an exact science, this is why it’s important asking for a second opinion always. Different coin experts will give different evaluations based on they knowledge. So get your coins appraised by more dealers especially if you want to sell them.