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How To Sell Silver Coins

The price of silver is considerably low compared to the price of the other precious metals. So selling silver coins won’t bring you a fortune. However if you own a nice silver coin collection and you decide to sell it make sure you get the most high price possible.  How to do that? There are few simple steps to follow. This guide was written to help you find the best place to sell your silver coins.

When you sell silver coins basically you have to do 3 things: to evaluate them individually, to determine how much they can value today and to find the best coin buyer.

Individual evaluation

There are collectible silver coins, which naturally are more valuable and there are old silver coins which are valuable only because of their silver content. You have to separate the collectible coins and evaluate them individually.

First step is to determine the type of the coins which is not hard because there are many online silver coin catalogs where you can look them up. Once you find the type you can consult a silver coin value chart in order to find out how much it values today. The collectible coins have rare dates, valuable mint marks and a very good shape. The best is if you sell every collectible coin individually.

Before selling you have to separate your coins in two distinct groups: the collectible silver coins and the non numismatic pieces, the ones that worth’s only the silver value. This is important because you have to sell them in different places.

Non numismatic silver coins are easy to sell. You only have to check out the current spot silver price and expect to get between 3%-5% below that price. You can sell them to a local coin shop, to a local ore online coin dealer, there are many options. If you search the web for silver coin buyers most probably you will find many who are willing to offer a very good price.

Selling the valuable silver coins it can be a bit harder. The stake is higher when the value is higher and it’s harder to get the best price possible. The options are many though because if you do an online search you can find many coin collectors who are wiling to buy. The trick is to contact more buyers because that way you can compare the offers.  Before you sell to any of them make sure you check they reputation to avoid scam artists. The online forums and associations are the best place where you can get in contact with coin collectors.

Sites like eBay can be good places where you can sell every piece of collectible silver coin individually.